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ART is what truly makes Thirty3 Chiropractic in Golden unique in practice. Most chiropractic patients spend five minutes with their chiropractors. In our office you’ll get your five minutes of adjusting but then our work truly begins. We use ART to find and fix abhorrent movement patterns and problems in your soft-tissue (muscle, tendon, ligament, fascia, nerve). Most often, spinal misalignments are caused by over-tensioned tissue. Why not address those misalignments with chiropractic and fix the surrounding soft-tissue with ART? This way your spine aligns much faster and holds much longer.

What ART Can Help Residents in Golden With

ART at Thirty3 Chiropractic typically involves shortening a specific tissue, taking a specific contact on that tissue, and then maximally stretching that tissue. This heals tension, scar tissue, vascular and nerve entrapment, fasciitis, etc. The best part? ART is not limited to your spine! In fact, only about 35% of our patients come in for spine-related pain. They know when they experience any pain to find an ART certified doctor because the technique works and can be applied to nearly all your 640 skeletal muscles. I’ve never known someone under the care of an ART practitioner to switch to a non-ART practitioner. It is THAT effective.


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